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Book With Added Confidence.

If booking direct is your preference and you wish to do so with additional confidence knowing you have the protection of a scheme similar to abta or atol, you can have it both ways via several opportunities. Please review the information below, which we have put together based on research on the web, for informational purposes.

Use of a card for partial or full payments gives you protection.

High Life accepts all major cards online to pay deposits and at the hotel for any other balances. Paying with a card provides you protection. What’s more, this may be the case even if you only pay for part of your holiday by card and the remainder by another payment type, so long as the total payment comes to a certain amount. You are covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act when paying for anything by this method. Please search for “Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act” for the UK on the web to read more on the protections it offers and check with your card issuer. In summary it states that if you buy goods or services on your credit or debit card, you could have extra protection if things go wrong. Well worth the small cost of an extra card charge you may incur. Also, MasterCard and Visa operate a chargeback scheme that may generally pay out.

Buying travel insurance gives you even more protection:

If you have a travel insurance policy, you can have even more protection. Travel insurance is cheap and well worth the small cost per person. Plus, having a travel insurance is a good idea in case of health emergencies.

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