STC Pass

Sun Terra Club VIP Pass (STC VIP Pass)

Dear Guest,

High Life is considering a new idea for returning guests including those who come stay with us for more than once a year. This page is to share the idea with you to find out if it is worth pursuing. We are sharing this idea with select guests to get input and appreciate your honest feedback. Details are not complete as the idea is just at a preliminary exploration stage. There is a small anonymous survey at the end. Thank you.

STC VIP Pass Could Include:

  1. Bed & Breakfast and / or Half Board stays.

  2. Ground VIP transfers.

  3. Storage of personal belongings.

  4. Premium Wi-Fi (faster, better service).

  5. Free local transfers (up to a certain region).

  6. Early check in, late check out when available.

  7. A dedicated site that shows availability, special promos, discount coupons etc.

    1. Freestyle allows booking and arriving anytime based on availability. Just buy your tickets and go!

    2. Dedicated portal will show availability at all times.

    3. Booking will be available on a first come first serve basis.

    4. No blocked dates except when hotel is closed for certain periods during winter.

Tiers & Cost Possibilities:

  1. Tiers based on 1 or 2 or more stays in a year.

    1. E.g. 1 summer stay, 1 winter stay.

    2. E.g. 2 summer stays.

    3. With or without rental car.

    4. Number of days for each stay.

  2. Annual, to be paid in 12 monthly payments.

    1. No security deposits needed.

    2. Commitment to next 12 months during renewal.

    3. If not able to travel for a given year, can be postponed into next STC pass period.

Anonymous Survey:

Would you purchase such a service? *
Should High Life work on this idea? Is this idea worth pursuing?
Is a stay November thru April appealing to you? *
If not interested, what would convince you to be interested, if anything.