Info & FAQ


Reception & Restaurant Hours:
08:00 - 24:00
If arriving outside of these hours, please see our self check in info section.

How far is High Life from town center?
2.5 km, 5 - 10 minutes by taxi (4GBP each way), about 40 minutes by walk. For our location on a map and driving directions please scroll down to the end of the page.

How long does the transfer take from the airport to the hotel?
Direct transfers from Larnaca airport to High Life take about 90 minutes with a short stop at the border. If there is traffic or a crowd at the border it can take up to 2 hours. For travel agent guests, if there are additional stops at other hotels before High Life, the trip may be longer. Ercan airport is 45 minutes from High Life.

Do you have Wi-Fi everywhere?
Yes we do and it is free.

Are there restrictions on how much money tourists can bring?
Yes, and according to Ercan Airport, it is $10,000.

What is the local / best currency to bring / use?
The local currency is Turkish Lira but GBP, Euros and USD are widely accepted. However if tendering a different currency other than TL, you must be careful that the rate used is a fair one.
Food and Drink costs at High Life are in TL, rest is in GBP. We accept all major currencies and credit cards.
It is best to bring foreign currency and exchange them here rather than your home country for better rates.

Location & Driving directions:

Route 1: Coming from Nicosia
(Heading North)

As you come down from the mountains towards Kyrenia where you can see the city from above, exit before the tunnel. Take the second exit at the next roundabout. Keep going down towards Kyrenia. Make a right at the next roundabout. Pass by the store titled Elektrokur on the left. At the next small roundabout bear left. Keep straight at the traffic lights. Take right at the next big roundabout. Pass the speed cameras, keep straight at the next roundabout and pass Metropol Supermarket on the left, the tire place and the pet store (shown on the map). Make a left immediately before our sign (picture below) and drive all the way to the end of the road. If you have come to the gas station (Soydan Petrol) on the main road (Ugur Mumcu Blvd.), you have gone too far.

Route 2: Coming from Ercan, the mountain range road and Karpaz area
(Heading West)

Second right after Soydan petrol gas station. Turn right by our sign (picture below).

Route 3 and 4: Coming from Lapta
(Heading East)

If you are on the Girne Cevre Yolu (Route 3) which stands for the city perimeter road, bear left towards Kyrenia before the tunnel that leads to Nicosia. Then follow Route 1 instructions above starting where it states "Keep going down towards Kyrenia".

if you are on the road that extends within the city (Route 4), keep straight at the roundabout where it says Life Hotel on the map, which is a different hotel in the city itself. Our hotel is High Life hotel. Pass the roundabout with fountains and at the next one keep straight. Follow the instructions in Route 1 starting where it states "Pass by the store titled Elektrokur on the left.".