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Thank you for your interest in working with us. We are looking to hire seasonal waiters who will be roommates. If you and your colleague / friend wants to apply please submit separate applications.

Please review all details below carefully to ensure you understand the job you are applying for since certain things vary between the US and Cyprus in Europe.


  1. High Life is small family run hotel on the sea in Kyrenia, Cyprus.

  2. There are only 20 rooms and maximum guest occupancy is generally 40 to 50 guests. Additional guests come to the hotel for the restaurant from outside local areas.

  3. There are max 6 - 8 total staff at peak periods. Levels vary depending on how the tourism season trends.

  4. The busiest time for waiter(s) / waitress(s) is breakfast time. Then it is dinner then lunch. After dinner, guests usually hang around for drinks on our spectacular patio till late. A perfect opportunity for tips.

  5. The job commitment is till beginning of November, with fluctuating busy times. There can be very busy times and very slow times depending on tourism trends.

Job Details:

  • Waiter / Waitress position.

  • Accommodation, food cost: 0. Utilities on you.

  • Salary: Base 3250 base + tips. See for converting to US dollars however be aware that you must not compare this salary to US standards - this salary is a good salary for a waiter living in North Cyprus especially because there are no living expenses except for utilities.

  • Up to $300 credit towards flight cost. Must fly to ECN.
    Please check total flight cost to ECN from your home airport before submitting an application to ensure you are able to cover your portion of the ticket cost. Check for separate flights to Istanbul, Turkey from your home airport then for tickets from Istanbul to ECN for better rates.

  • Work permit procedures on us if entire season is worked.

  • Responsibilities:

  • Helping guests during breakfast and / or lunch and / or dinner at the restaurant and or pool bar.

  • Mixing popular drinks. See Food & Drinks section on our site for our drinks list.

  • Checking and refilling room mini bars.

  • Wear multiple hats as needed - e.g. help at the reception.

  • Fine dining restaurant style casual dress code (white shirt, black shorts / pants).

  • This job is not for someone whose primary goal is to save a lot of money but to have an adventure while making enough to cover life adventure expenses.

  • Work Hours: Coverage by waiting staff is needed from 7AM till 5PM or 3PM till 1AM. Hotel flexible with shift hours as long as between the waiters there is coverage for all service hours. Hours may fluctuate as needed. Can take a day off each week - but waiters will cover for others on off days.. If off days are not possible due to not being fully staffed, we will pay you for each day worked.

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