Sun Terra Club

Our loyalty program. You are signed up automatically on your first stay.
Earn one point for every GBP you spend with us.

Redeeming Options
1,400 Points = Late check out (if possible)
1,400 Points = Early check in (if possible)
3,800 Points = One BB night for one
4,600 Points = One BB night for two

Explanation of STC Summary Section of Your Statement
Earned (Lifetime): Points you have earned for a past stay.
Will Earn (Lifetime): Points you will earn after check out of future a future stay.
Lifetime: Total of points you have earned for all stays, past and future.
Earned: Total of points you have earned for all past stays.
Will Earn: Total of points you will earn for all future stays.
Redeemed: Total number of points you have used so far.
Available: The balance of points you can use now.

Terms& Conditions
Points can only be earned for direct spending with the hotel.
Certain spending such as for car rentals do not earn points.
Points earned during current stay eligible to spend during future stays.
Only points marked as "available to spend" can be used to redeem.
Redeeming options subject to change without notice. Please check this page for most up to date information.
Our loyalty program started in 2015. Stays prior to 2015 did not earn points.
Future reservations with no charge activity yet (such as those from travel agents) will not show in STC section of your room statements of direct bookings of earlier future reservations.
For more details please contact us.